Administrative Services

125 Cafeteria Plan & HRA Administration

Keyes Insurance Services has a TPA (third-party administration) division, Keyes Administrators. This is a tremendous advantage when coordinating benefits for employers. Most agencies must outsource their TPA work. With Keyes Administrators you have one number to call.

Go-Direct Dental Plans - a subsidiary of Keyes Insurance Services, Inc. - specializes in Direct Reimbursement Dental administration. Direct Reimbursement Plans will put you in control of your dental benefit dollars. DR plans have very high employee satisfaction and low administration fees.

HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) ADMINISTRATION
Health Reimbursement Arrangements have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Keyes Administrators - a division of Keyes Insurance Services, Inc. - can provide quality H.R.A. administration for your company. Let us help you custom design an H.R.A. that fits your company's needs.

Keyes Administrators has been providing quality 125 plan administration for several years. By implementing a Section 125 Cafeteria plan, your company can reduce it's payroll taxes while at the same time increasing your employee's take home pay. A cafeteria plan allows employees to pay for health insurance premiums, day care expenses, and other qualified medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. This can mean a substantial savings for your employees on state, federal, and FICA taxes.

Not only do the employees save money, your company can too! By subtracting the employees pre-tax contributions, your company will save on FICA matches.


This benefits you as an employer by...
  • Minimal administration duties on your part
  • Reduces payroll taxes
  • Gives employees added benefits
  • Very inexpensive to implement
    This benefits your employees with...
  • Increase take home pay
  • Reduces Federal income tax
  • Reduces State tax
  • Reduces Social Security tax